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GK & Oracle Partner Success Story

Hear from GK founder, Ed Graham as he chats with Thomas Buffin and Jason Bekker from Oracle about a recent client success story.  From best practice collaboration to build and implementation – they discuss the process of deal to delivery!

Oracle User Group Awards 20/05/2023

GK was proud to be represented at the UK Oracle User Group Awards ceremony at Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technology by Ed Graham, CA and nominated in the night’s most competitive battle.


Congratulations to Brovanture Ltd for winning our category – Oracle EPM Partner of the Year.

We asked Chat GPT ‘what are the benefits of Oracle EPM?’

Not bad for a few seconds of processing but please be aware that to realise these benefits takes a skilled team and we can certainly help you in this regard:

Oracle EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) is a suite of integrated applications that enable organizations to manage and improve their performance across various business processes. Here are some benefits of Oracle EPM:
Better decision-making: Oracle EPM provides insights and analysis to help organizations make better decisions based on real-time data.

Enhanced financial management: Oracle EPM offers financial consolidation, budgeting, planning, and forecasting capabilities that help organizations to streamline financial processes, improve accuracy, and reduce financial risk.
Improved performance management: Oracle EPM allows organizations to align strategy with operational execution, improve process efficiencies, and manage performance across the organization.
Increased agility: Oracle EPM enables organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions, identify opportunities and risks, and adapt their strategy accordingly.
Scalability and flexibility: Oracle EPM is highly scalable and flexible, and can be easily customized to meet the unique needs of different organizations.
Compliance and governance: Oracle EPM provides robust security features and compliance controls to help organizations manage risk and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Enhanced collaboration: Oracle EPM allows teams to work together in a collaborative environment, sharing data, insights, and analysis to drive better outcomes.
Overall, Oracle EPM can help organizations to improve their performance, optimize their financial processes, and drive better decision-making, leading to increased efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness.

McKinsey analysis reveals that oil and gas costs could rise by another 10% in 2023.

We can’t help thinking that implementing an EPM solution could help oil and gas companies manage their inflationary issues – from managing and consolidating data, to enabling shorter lead times for forecasting and budgeting. Contact us at [email protected]

Accounting and finance

Accounting and finance teams are facing a lot of challenges in 2023 according to recent article on


At GK we have worked with clients to implement Oracle EPM to overcome many of these issues. Check out to see how accurate financial reporting was able to deliver a single source of truth across all general ledgers for Petrofac

GK partners with NEO Energy 21/02/23

GK are excited to announce that we have been awarded the contract to implement the Oracle planning solution for NEO Energy. We look forward to working in partnership with Martin Guyan and team to deliver this project to provide completeness of data through integrated processes and accuracy in calculations to meet their planning requirements.

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting has been making the headlines recently and not for the right reasons.

At the end of last year, we spoke with Jemima Villanueva, she shared with us her learnings about ‘wild west’ of carbon offsetting and ways to identify if your investment is having a positive and real impact on our planet.

And to do this properly you need a business tool to measure your impact and investment! Get in touch to find out how the #oracle #epm #cloud #application can help.

Creating and implementing a carbon emissions strategy

Before Christmas we spoke with Jemima Villanueva about her experience creating and implementing a carbon emissions strategy at her workplace.

She offered some great advice on where to start!
‘Your first step (to setting your goal) absolutely has to be measurement’

#thankyou Jemima!

Why not drop us a message if you want to hear more about implementing a system that can collate and report your ESG data.

Another major challenge relates to the lack of reliable and comparable ESG data

Really interesting article from Delano and Magdalena Kuper, head of sustainability at BVI:
‘Another major challenge relates to the lack of reliable and comparable ESG data.’

ESG challenges: the need for quality data and clear regulations | Delano News

Have you thought about EPM to collect and standardise that data so it can be used effectively to plan and adjust your ESG? From carbon emissions on every mile to units of electricity in each of your operating territories.

Ensuring data quality with Oracle Planning

Our founder Ed Graham, CA has written a piece in ERP Today, check it out!

Some great advice on getting started with an integrated Oracle planning system. How it can help protect future revenue and give your team back time to focus on growth strategies, NOT correcting data errors on those pesky spreadsheets!

Ensuring data quality with Oracle Planning: a guide (

Its time to ditch the spreadsheets – email us at [email protected]

Get started with Oracle EPM Planning

Watch Phil Blades, a highly successful board and executive advisor for tech, software and start-up companies, on how better planning capabilities allow you to prepare for certainty in an uncertain world.

Followed with a live demo by our founder Ed Graham, CA to show that the best way to get started with Oracle EPM Planning, a ‘born in the cloud’ / ‘connect with anything’ app.