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London based, UK and Worldwide access

We are Oracle Certified Specialists based in London, United Kingdom, which is the location from which we provide our specialised consultancy services to organisations in the UK and throughout the World.

Enabling successful digital transformation

We provide a number of services and each is dedicated to developing world class Oracle EPM Systems.

We are dedicated to enabling an organisation to reach a full and successful digital transformation, delivering quick time to value and reaching a utopia vision of finance over time.

Why put so much effort into capturing and harnessing your data, when the output systems are not the best in the world? We ensure your EPM systems work at their optimum, enabling your team and CEO to make important decisions, in a “real time” state.

We help to remove costly and insecure “point solutions”, and improve connectivity within your organisations, between people and departments.

A word from our founder

Ed Graham - Oracle EPM specialist, founder of GK

GK is the realisation of my life's work, first as a company accountant, second implementing ERP solutions and now working with our clients to solve their performance management challenges.

What I have come to realise is that the most important numbers are those that are reported at the top or consolidated levels. Therefore it is with EPM, that sits on top of ERP, that we have specialised our company.

Every company should prioritise a solution that facilitates reporting and planning (budgeting and forecasting) on a timely basis. This solution should meet all of its requirements in a consistent manner with calculations that are transparent and understood by the business.

Ed Graham


At GK we have specialised in Oracle’s EPM product as their vision is for a complete suite of integrated applications to meet the challenges of Enterprise Performance Management. This is not your father’s on-line analytical processing system but a new set of rapidly evolving ‘born in the cloud’ applications.

It is tempting I suppose, if the only tool you have is a hammer to treat everything as a nail. We chose Oracle as it’s suite of applications allows our clients to use the right tool for the right job. This modular approach allows your data to be stored in the correct level of detail as well as to move seamlessly between applications. It also allows for an agile development model where each application can be developed independently.

I am proud of the experienced team we have put together at GK who have proven to be successful in implementing the latest best practice and newest features. If you have challenges in our specialist area or need help with generic finance processes please reach out as we are keen to serve.

“GK are on a mission to improve the quality of EPM solutions and it is my role, as principal advisor, to facilitate their vision while helping them grow their business.”
Phil Blades - GK Senior Advisor

Phil Blades

Board and executive advisor for high tech,
software and start-up companies

“I have been mentoring GK as part of the Oracle startup programme. During that time GK have proved their capability to use the Oracle EPM tool to its fullest, take their clients through the implementation journey and become an Oracle partner that deliver true value to customers.”
Andy King - EPM expert provided by Oracle to mentor GK

Andy King

Oracle Director, Product
Management EPM

The Team

The team at GK is led by experienced directors with both line Finance and implementation IT experience. We operate a flexible approach allowing us to scale to meet any challenge through our network.

A Chartered Accountant with 25+ years of experience delivering ‘end to end’ Finance projects through Oracle software. Ed brings a deep understanding of Finance processes after starting his career in line finance management and ERP implementation. He gets the benefits that can be generated by implementing a world class EPM Solution.

Ed is an experienced Project Manager with an extensive record of delivering systems and organisational change on large scale finance change programmes for global banking and industry clients. In addition to Oracle EPM projects he has delivered the implementation of IFRS and global currency revaluation projects in SAP/R3 as well as major Oracle programmes.
Ed Graham - Oracle EPM Project and Program Director


Managing Director

Mark Wright

Director of Planning Solutions

Mark Wright - Director of Oracle Planning Solutions

A Chartered Accountant who has been responsible for managing and implementing system solutions in financial environments for over 20 years. Mark is experienced in working at all levels within an organisation to manage collaboration, drive development and ensure a successful project outcome.

Mark has extensive technical knowledge in financial systems and combines this with his professional knowledge and experience to understand the varying business requirements and their underlying business processes. He has consistently delivered well received, effective and tailored solutions for clients.

GK’s Director of Consolidation Solutions has 30+ years of designing and developing Oracle EPM Financial Consolidation systems for UK and European companies, many of them FT100 and FT250 companies. He has experience in implementing Regulatory Reporting standards for the European Banking Authority and FSA reporting requirements for the Bank of England.

Our director is a certified Oracle FCCS Consultant, has expert knowledge of all aspects of FCCS, Hyperion Financial Management, and a proficient knowledge of DRM. He is a proven solution architect offering practical usable solutions and an excellent track record of successful project implementation.

Alan Hall

Director of Consolidation Solutions

Andy Moore

Integration and Reporting Consultant

Andy Moore - Oracle EPM Integration and Reporting Consultant at GK

A certified consultant in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and in Oracle Narrative Reporting, Andy specialises in Integration, Narrative Reporting, Data Migration and scripting. With a background in engineering and design he has brought a fresh set of skills to GK. Using the new Oracle EPM reporting tool he has been able to deliver better looking EPM reports and charts.

Andy has implemented the Oracle EPM Agent and Oracle EPM Automate on both Linux and Windows servers to automate integrations including pulling data from Oracle EBS and to backup EPM externally. He has designed groovy integration scripts that could be scheduled and has designed report packages, books and reports to help companies plan, budget, and report. 

With 25 years of sales and marketing experience Sophie leads the business development and marketing for GK. Having worked in the Media and Advertising industry her skills are focused on building partnerships and identifying solutions to fit a client’s objectives.

Now working in a Saas environment, Sophie believes passionately that technology and innovation are key to growth and essential to future success.

Sophie Ewen - Oracle EPM Business Development and Marketing at GK


Business Development and Marketing