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Our Clients.

Why Our Clients Love Us.

We work for a few specific industries. For each of these industries we believe we have the capability and knowledge to add remarkable value and take the noise away from your enterprise performance management processes. Our Oracle EPM Cloud migration capabilities and EPM development solutions are second to none.

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Financial Services

We focus on Financial Services organisations who are looking to migrate to Oracle EPM Cloud or are simply looking to improve and further develop their Oracle EPM suite of products.

At GK, we come from a Finance background, yet have extensive IT implementation experience working for some of the UK’s biggest financial services companies for more than a decade (combined experience)

valuing the unique challenges

Public Sector

We are energised when exploring opportunities working with the Public Sector. Public Sector organisations have specific challenges migrating to Cloud, and as your London based Oracle EPM Cloud expert consultancy, we strongly believe we are up to the challenge that even the biggest Public Sector organisations face.

At GKEPM, we believe we are able to help remove efficiency issues and point solutions that slow the responsiveness of your organisation and degrade your ability to see the current state.

We have solutions for Government, Rail, Transport, Council, Water, Electricity and Power, and all Public Sector organisations in between. 

Based in London, our Oracle EPM Cloud solutions will enable your enterprise performance management capabilities, this we guarantee.

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Charities & Education

In the Charity and Education space we believe we are the right company for you to work with. 

GKEPM is a fast, agile and dynamic company that does’t bring with it characteristics of some of the larger / slower organisations. 

We are a dedicated team and focused organisation, where complete dedication to improving your Oracle EPM Cloud functionality and usability is at the forefront of our strategy and planning.

delivering cutting edge capabilities


In the Technology space we bring dedication to your enterprise performance management capabilities. 

GK is a unique Oracle consultant as we totally focus on EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions for Finance, Technology, Public Sector and Education organisations.

With GK we will be your partner, not just in a one off deal, but overtime with our iterative developmental service. 

as dynamic and with the agility required

Startups & Fintech

Startups and Fintechs are some of our key clients. The philosophy of a startup works hand in hand with the solutions that GKEPM brings to the table.

We provide cloud enterprise performance management systems, which are configured and designed for ease of use and functionality so that you and your mangement team can see your performance live.