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Welcome to GK | Oracle EPM Consulting London

We are a specialist Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consultancy based in London. Our mission is to provide our clients with the business intelligence they need to stay agile so they can continue to make the most informed financial decisions. At GK we understand Finance. Using Oracle EPM Cloud, we deliver world class Reporting, Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting capabilities.

We will:

  • Implement a world class EPM solution
  • Migrate your existing EPM system to the Oracle cloud
  • Update your existing Oracle EPM applications to a superior standard

We value working with large and small organisations in sectors including Financial Services, Oil & Gas Services, Technology, Education and Public Sector. Please contact us now for a free demonstration.

Good enough is not good enough

We believe that ‘good enough is not good enough’. This philosophy is at the heart of our company culture, and drives us to ensure our clients receive world class services and the best Oracle product configuration.

London based, UK and World-wide access

As a London based company we are local to the City for corporate requirements, as well as Greater London for Local Authorities and small / medium enterprises. 

Our London location also affords us easy access to the rest of the UK and the world. We are happy to travel world-wide for Oracle EPM implementations in countries around the world. 

Digital transformation, enabled

GK is the ideal digital transformation partner, enabling organisations to integrate seamlessly with the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Management system. Using Oracle’s EPM Cloud, GK can ensure you harness the latest technologies while extending your current Oracle applications to their greatest potential.

Our laser focus on Oracle EPM Cloud applications means we can provide clients with a full range of services; whatever your organisation needs to get up and working on a live system. We offer a starter ‘proof of concept’ foundation package all the way through to a full implementation service, as well as various managed services that include our innovative development-as-a-service and our 24/7 support service.

Your success is our success

We value the opportunity of working with great clients, where our success is derived from your success. It is our job to ensure your company is at the cutting edge of Enterprise Performance Management capabilities. 

Our focus is on your experience, and ensuring your outcomes are so significant that you are able to extend your Oracle EPM applications capabilities to the full. This is how we measure our success!

Why we choose Oracle EPM?

Oracle are the acknowledged leader and set the standard in Enterprise Performance Management providing:

  • Easier and better decision making
  • Integration with any existing system or data source 
  • Industry connectivity as part of the largest EPM community
  • Class-leading excel integration
  • Built-in security
Allows us to deliver solutions that:
  • Provide better information and agility
  • Put the emphasis on greater operational efficiency
  • Are flexible with elasticity to scale as required
  • Reduce point solutions with greater connectivity
  • Are dependable & resilient

Why we focus on Cloud solutions?

You leverage greater outcomes and benefits with Cloud because it:
  • Gives Finance greater control over its systems and output while reducing the burden on IT to install and support these solutions
  • Quicker time to value as cloud systems are quicker to implement and more flexible and scalable after implementation
  • Reduces IT infrastructure and support costs so you can invest in OPEX rather than expensive CAPEX investments
  • Increases financial accuracy by reducing reliance on error-prone processes such as spreadsheets and email
  • Complements other widely used Oracle systems such as On-Premises and Cloud ERP / Cloud HCM. We recommend implementing EPM before heavy ERP implementations
  • Cloud EPM is cost effective; with the ability to scale up or down to meet future needs


World Class Oracle EPM Solutions

Oracle EPM Foundation Process
Oracle Implementation Consultants - GK Oracle EPM Consultants
Oracle EPM Health Check - GK Oracle EPM Consultants
Oracle Development as a Service consultancy - GK Oracle EPM Consultants
24 x 7 Oracle EPM Cloud Support
Oracle Managed Service - GK Oracle EPM Consultants


Focusing on Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

Oracle EPM Cloud Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service is Oracles flagship EPM product providing leading Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting capability in a world class Cloud package.

The products available include EPM Standard Cloud Service or EPM Enterprise Cloud Service. Previously sold as PBCS or EPBCS the new suites include Oracle’s best practice planning modules, Financials, Workforce, Capital and Projects, as standard.

Narrative Reporting Cloud Service

With Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Narrative Reporting you receive a cloud enabled collaborative narrative and regulatory reporting solution.

The application provides a secure, collaborative, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management report packages for internal and external stakeholders

Account Reconciliation (ARCS) Cloud Service

Oracle EPM Cloud Account Reconciliation is the solution to your account reconciliation needs.

ARCS provides real-time visibility into the performance of reconciliations and ensures that all reconciliations prepared are completed to your organisational standards. 

It helps companies streamline and optimise reconciliation processes by automating certain tasks, including populating source data, variances analysis and transaction matching.

Profitability and Cost Management Cloud

Oracle EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management Application is Oracles enterprise level, Profitability and Cost Management solution.

The application is a world leading allocation engine that manages the cost and revenue allocations that are necessary to compute profitability for a business segment, such as a product, customer, region, or branch.

It enables you to model profitability by segment and undertake complex shared services costings.


This is how we can help you

Superior EPM consulting

Better information

London based

why work with us?

Oracle Partner & the Power of Oracle Support

We are a trusted Oracle Partner with an excellent relationship with Oracle's Development and Support teams. When you work with GK we bring all the power and experience of Oracle to meet your finance vision.

Laser Focused on EPM

We are an organisation wholly focused on Enterprise Performance Management.

Affordable Fixed Price Solutions

We offer true fixed price solutions as we believe it is right for us to assume the delivery risk; we are the experts in Oracle's software and we are confident in our capabilities. We provide fixed price not fixed duration solutions, giving you the budget certainty you require.

Quick Time to Value

Our speed is a key differentiating factor and our competitive advantage bringing quick time to value to the table. We achieve quick time to value through an agile iterative methodology.

Deep Finance and IT Experience

We have over 40 years of experience both in Finance and in IT, ensuring that you are provided with not only IT implementation understanding, but also provided with the delicate needs and requirements of Finance.

Work with the Directors & Onshore Resources

We invest in a UK workforce, rather than relying on offshore labour. At GK you will also work direct with the Directors who recognise that only a great solution must be provided.

Better Information leading to Greater Agility

Our focus is on ensuring we provide better solutions which provide better information. This enables you, and your business, to make better decisions while improving agility and in doing so we partner with you on your digital transformation journey.

Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

We have a unique philosophy of Good Enough Is Not Good Enough. We believe in providing only great solutions as our success is derived from your success and thus our services are designed to add to the reputation of our clients.

Configuration is at the forefront

We consider functionality and usability for the users as critical and is a core of our famous 100 point Health Check

And Finally - the Michelangelo factor

We are doing what we love doing.


Forward Thinking Partners and Methods

About Us.

Curious About Our Culture?

GK EPM is a specialist Oracle EPM consulting company.

We are a great, personable and dedicated team, located in London, United Kingdom with world wide access. We bring cost effective and outcome based solutions to the table.

Our success is derived from your success, and for this reason you can be assured your outcome will be a great outcome. We believe in fixed price delivery  as the right thing to do, why should our customers take on the delivery risk when we are the experts.

Dedicated to delivering Oracle EPM Cloud Suite Solutions we are committed to a world class ethos and delivering bleeding edge solutions that are properly tested.  We believe in timely migrations of existing enterprise performance management systems from On-Premise to Cloud.  We project manage to exacting standards and provide rigorous health checks so that we can help you understand your overall performance against leading metrics and expectations.

Your Oracle EPM Cloud Consultants London shouldn’t be providing the usual, good enough is good enough service.

GK EPM – where “good enough is not good enough”. 

London EPM Cloud Consultants Oracle Consultancy
worldwide access

London based

We are a London based Oracle EPM consulting firm with easy access to the rest of the UK and the world. If required, we  work in any location across the globe including UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and across Europe.

Learn more about us by following the link below.

unique philosophies

your success is our success

Our success depends on our clients success. We base our own performance on outcomes that are central to our core values, not short term end of contract results, but long term whereby our client is satisfied and in harmony with their solution.

We have a philosophy which states “good enough is not good enough”. Learn what we mean by this statement at the link below.

London Oracle EPM Cloud Consultant