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> At GK you will work directly with our Directors who recognise that a great solution must be provided.

> Our many years of experience allow us to understand IT implementation together with the delicate needs and requirements of Finance teams.

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> Our laser focus on Oracle EPM supports your business bringing you an in-depth understanding of the product and implementation best practice.

> We create simple and effective solutions to bring accuracy and efficiency to your planning and reporting processes.

Oracle EPM Case Studies

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> Implementation of an Oracle EPM solution incorporating Consolidation, Planning and Reporting with integration to Oracle ERP and Oracle EBS at Petrofac

> Designed and build fast accurate reports putting into context business issues behind the numbers at Baxters

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Our Solutions

Our approach is built on collaborating with our clients, delivering ongoing mentoring and training and using the system to facilitate consistency through automation. We operate a virtual open door policy, supported by regular show and tell to ensure transparency.

Our methodology is to use the right tool for the right purpose. We use our skills to minimize complexity in the design and to simplify processes to make our solutions intuitive to users. We do what is necessary to achieve success and support out clients to make informed decisions.

Have you ever wondered if your reporting, and planning solution is as efficient as it could be? If your consolidation could take less time or your forecast be more accurate?

Our Directors will carry out an audit of your apps and give you the assurance you need that your apps are performing, you are using what you are paying for and that your team are comfortable utilising all the capabilities for maximum efficiency.

We understand the positive impact of effective processes and collaborative apps to enable better working because at GK our background and experience is the same as yours. If, and only if we truly believe actions are required to improve overall efficiency, to support your teams, to improve cost and time – we will include in your report.

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At GK we see implementation projects as a journey to high performance where the project empowers users to make and accept change.

Success to us is people buying into the new processes which are supported and promoted by leadership. We look to implement processes that provide completeness and accuracy of data.

  • Completeness of data through integrated automated process
  • Accuracy in all data sets to meet reporting requirements
  • Requirements met in a consistent manner with calculations that are transparent and understood by the business

GK’s implementation processes will deliver a platform to facilitate transformation. Post implementation our Oracle EPM solutions are designed to will be a platform for growth and extension – transformation is not something to stop after go-live!

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Oracle EPM Cloud Applications

Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting
Oracle’s Planning (PBCS/EPBCS) allows you to drive accurate plans form long range planning to rolling forecasts and line of business planning.

Align strategy with plans
Spend more time running your business and less time maintaining planning and reporting processes. Enable your team to collaborate to develop your strategy. 

Speed up data analysis to take faster action
Maintain transparency and control across you business at a higher pace.

Meet global reporting requirements
Oracle’s Financial consolidation and close (FCC) is a purpose built business process for effectively and efficiently managing consolidation and close end to end.

Automate complex consolidations and eliminations
Press button consolidation that is compliant and auditable to your business’s standards..

Orchestrate a connected close
Ensures your processes are dependable and correct and delivered in a timely manner and available to all your stakeholders.

Streamlined and connected reporting
Oracle’s narrative and regulatory reporting solution answers the reporting requirements for any size business. .

Collaborate securely across the report process
The application provides an interactive dashboard for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial, management and regulatory report packages.

Publish and distribute reports
A process driven approach for internal and external stakeholders delivering a single source of truth.

Audit and log reconciliations to meet compliance
Oracle’s account reconciliation solution comprehensively addresses reconciliation risk, manages the global process and utilises automation. Provides real time visibility into your reconciliation performance.

Automate high volume transaction matching
Helps companies optimise reconciliation performance by automating certain tasks including high volume transaction matching and variance analysis.

Support complex reconciliations
Auto match engine capable of matching more than a million transactions a minute.