Oracle EPM Specialists

About GK

Solutions that meet both your Finance & IT needs

GK EPM is a London based Oracle EPM Consultancy which specialises in delivering first class Oracle Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

We are a team of experienced consultants who are passionate about Finance, IT and enabling an organisation to achieve true, integrated enterprise performance management to deliver absolute agility to your CEO.

London based, with all of UK and Worldwide access

We are Oracle Certified Specialists, and GK office is based in London in the United Kingdom which is the central platform from which we provide our specialised consultancy services to organisations in the UK and throughout the World.

Oracle Partner

GK has been granted Oracle Partner status.  As an Oracle Partner, GK EPM has the support and backing of the worlds largest provider of Enterprise Performance Management solutions. 

The partnership affords GK the ability to quickly source appropriate products and best practices for our clients, provides faster access to support and enables us to stay at the cutting edge of Oracle EPM capabilities. Our Oracle partnership enables us to support our clients in all facets of the EPM journey including the provision of financing through Oracle Corporation.

Enabling successful digital transformation

We provide a number of services and each is dedicated to developing world class Oracle EPM Systems.

We are dedicated to enabling an organisation to reach a full and successful digital transformation, delivering quick time to value and reaching a utopia vision of finance over time.

Why put so much effort into capturing and harnessing your data, when the output systems are not the best in the world? We ensure your EPM systems work at their optimum, enabling your team and CEO to make important decisions, in a “real time” state.

We help to remove costly and insecure “point solutions”, and improve connectivity within your organisations, between people and departments.

Where good enough is not good enough

Our Directors believe that good enough is not good enough. Why settle when it is possible to continuously innovate to get the solution exactly as you want.

This philosophy is a core value at GK, and it guides us to ensure we provide only “great” outcomes for our clients.

Oracle EPM Cloud Practice Director

Ed Graham - CA

Ed is a Chartered Account with 20+ years of experience delivering ‘end to end’ Finance projects through Oracle software.  He brings a deep understanding of Finance processes and the benefits that can be generated by implementing a world class EPM Solution.

London based, Ed resonates with energy and is dedicated to providing world class, outcome based and all encompassing EPM solutions for GK’s clients.

Ed is security cleared to work in Financial Services and UK Government projects.

"The control Ed maintained on the Programme and his ability to inspire team members was instrumental to the success."

This Is Our

Visionary Team

Our visionary team is made up of a small dedicated team of Oracle EPM specialists. 

GK EPM client benefits

why work with us?

Oracle Partner & the Power of Oracle Support

We are a trusted Oracle Partner with an excellent relationship with Oracle's Development and Support teams. When you work with GK we bring the power of Oracle to the equation to help you meet your finance vision.

Deep Finance and IT Experience

We have over 40 years of experience in Finance and IT, ensuring that you are provided with not only IT implementation understanding, but also provided with the delicate needs and requirements of Finance.

Better Information leading to Greater Agility

Our focus is on ensuring we provide better solutions which provide better information. This leads to your management and C-suite being better connected with highly valuable information improving your agility. In doing so we assist you on your digital transformation journey.

Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

We have a unique philosophy of Good Enough Is Not Good Enough. We believe in providing only great solutions as our success is derived from your success and thus our services are designed to add to the reputation of our clients.

Laser Focused on EPM

We are wholly focused on providing superior Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

Quick Time to Value

Our speed is a key differentiating factor and our competitive advantage bringing quick time to value to the table. We achieve quick time to value through an agile iterative methodology.

Affordable Fixed Price Solutions

We offer true fixed price solutions to assume the delivery risk when you work with GK as we are the experts in Oracle's software and are confident in our capabilities. We provide fixed price not fixed duration solutions, giving you the budget certainty you require..

British Onshore Resources

We invest in a UK workforce, rather than relying on offshore labour.

And Finally - the Michelangelo factor

We are doing what we love doing.