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Oracle EPM Cloud Implementation



Our unique offering;

Our Oracle EPM Implementation offering delivered in 10 weeks

Full Oracle EPM Cloud solution in 10 weeks.

We achieve this through 5 two week sprints with a formal application walk-through after every sprint. The design is never locked down as we believe, as sure as the sun rises every morning, that through iteration great things are built.

  • Sprint 1 – Foundation (everyone likes a solid foundation)
  • Sprint 2 – Discovery and Design (the two D’s)
  • Sprint 3 – Build and Test (we build you test)
  • Sprint 4 – Go live (implementation in 8 weeks actually)
  • Sprint 5 – Run (two weeks to make the solution better – there is always room for improvement)
GK's EPM Implementation Flow
Oracle EPM Cloud Infolets
why do you need a rigorous fast implementation?


  1. System implementations need to show progress therefore we demonstrate success early through a working foundation
  2. We deliver an application walk through after each sprint enabling your team to get hands on, review progress and consider alternative configurations
  3.  Our development process is iterative and we seek feedback, so that your solution is continually improved to your specifications
  4. We deliver inter-connectivity with data flows, removing costly and insecure point solutions to achieve better information agility
  5. Our leading time to value enables your organisation to achieve its outcomes faster to increase return on investment
why go with us?

GK's Unique Values

Our approach is to not profit out of an initial implementation but instead to deliver a useful outcome first up and then to partner with our customers to build exceptional solutions over the long term.

  • Good enough is not good enough
  • Always do the right thing
  • Speed is our competitive advantage
Read about our unique philosophy, good enough is not good enough via the below link
Oracle EPM Projects Dashboard
Can you simplify the implementation process?

Implementation Process

EPM Implementation Process
what do I get?

Implementation Deliverables

  1. An Oracle EPM solution built in the cloud to your requirements
  2. Rapid implementation adopting Oracle’s latest best practices
  3. GK’s bleeding edge usability design and advanced features
  4. Comprehensive Reporting, Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  5. Full training and documentation 

connected enterprise performance management from GK

  • a full cloud connected suite solution
  • seamless data conversion from your existing solution
  • full project management, co-ordination and service
  • an easy onboarding process, including flexible staff training and e-learning
  • a dedicated account manager and direct line to a support team