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Our Oracle EPM Cloud Services


Why Choose Us

Our services are designed to deliver the latest innovations in FP&A using Oracle EPM Cloud. We have designed flexible templates to control the delivery of our services which incorporate our unique iterative way of working.

a way to connected planning

Health Check

Our health check is designed to assure existing Oracle EPM Cloud users that their implementation is secure and following the latest best practice.

Through our health check we review both your system and your processes. We do this by spending a couple of hours with your system users and administrators as well as completing our 100 point checklist.

We will deliver, in person, the full results from our checklist proceeded by an overview of the health of your systems and processes and including a detailed list of recommendations. 

enabling a working system


Our unique Foundation service is designed to get you up and using Oracle EPM Cloud in two weeks. It is a fixed price, fixed scope service which includes integration with a data source and basic training.

This process delivers an affordable first EPM solution, or comprehensive proof of concept, allowing your team to interact with a working EPM solution before the design and build of a comprehensive solution.

Your outcome is a platform for expansion that can be extended with new functionality, expanded with additional modules or scaled to further business units and users.

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Full Implementation

GKEPM is a fast, agile and dynamic company that does’t bring with it characteristics of some larger / slower system integrators. 

Our full implementation service is delivered through 5 two week sprints

  1. Foundation
  2. Discovery and Design
  3. Build and Test
  4. Go-Live incl. Training and Documentation
  5. Run
delivering cutting edge capabilities

Development as a Service (DAAS)

NEW – iterative developmental service. 

Just choose how much development you want to do on Oracle EPM Cloud per year and we will deliver it for a low monthly fee.

as dynamic and with the agility required

Managed Services

Traditional internet and phone support delivered 24/7.

Tailored managed service available including support plus your choice of:

  • Administration of your solution
  • Regression testing of monthly upgrades
  • Development as a a Service (DAAS)