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Oracle EPM Cloud Free Demonstration

GK's Oracle EPM Free Demo

Our free demo allows you to see a great Oracle module at work

A great way to see Oracle EPM Cloud, and to meet the GK team.

With your very own free Oracle EPM Cloud demonstration we will provide you with an Oracle Cloud EPM demonstration module, provisioned and authorised by Oracle Corporation, in the Oracle Cloud.

This is an exciting new development for Oracle EPM customers as we take you a step closer to full EPM utopia.

Why do we do this? For us at GK we connect you with Oracle Corporation, to enable us to work with Oracle to provision a customer demonstration. We then provide you with a 2 hour live demonstration (face to face where possible).

+44 (0)203 855 5828

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Oracle EPM Proof of Concept and Foundation
why you should check out a free demo?


  1. Gets you to see a live Oracle application
  2. A great way to be introduced to Oracle
  3. You will meet the GK team
  4. See some of our processes
  5. Ready yourself for the new age of EPM

+44 (0)203 855 5828

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What happens next?

Our free demo allows you to see a working demonstration of your preferred Oracle EPM solution that incorporates our unique values: 

  • Good enough is not good enough
  • Always do the right thing
  • Speed is our competitive advantage
Learn about our unique philosophy good enough is not good enough via the below link
Oracle EPM consultants London UK
how do we do it?

Free Demo Process

Oracle EPM Foundation Process
what do I get?

Oracle EPM Free Demonstration with GK

These are the minimum deliverables from every Demo:

  1. A live demonstration module that you can see and test
  2. Data as agreed between GK and your company
  3. Your demo branded in your company name