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Oracle EPM Cloud Applications

Planning and Budgeting

Accurate Planning and Reporting with Oracle EPM Cloud Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Cloud Service

We supply industry leading cloud-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions with Oracle Planning Cloud (previously PBCS and EPBCS) applications.

Oracle Planning Cloud applications enable organisations of any size to quickly implement world class planning and budgeting capabilities with no expensive CAPEX infrastructure investment required.

Oracle’s Cloud Finance Planning’s focus is on providing shareable, scalable and traceable finance solutions, and to reduce the point solutions that can put the brakes on an organisation and impede its agility. All with class leading Microsoft Excel integration capabilities.

Read more about our Oracle Planning Cloud (and PBCS) implementation solutions by following the link below.

Narrative Reporting

External and Internal Reporting Solutions with Oracle EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting

Oracle EPM Narrative Reporting answers all your organisations’ collaborative narrative, management reporting and regulatory reporting requirements.

It provides a secure, collaborative, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management report packages for internal and external stakeholders, as well as a cross cloud service reporting tool for producing integrated EPM Cloud reporting.

We design and implement Oracle narrative reporting solutions with an emphasis on functionality and usability. Whether you have internal or external reporting requirements, with its accompanying regulatory needs, we can customise and implement an Oracle narrative solution to suit your organisation.  

One of the huge benefits of this solution is that it enables end-to-end collaboration, giving clients a view of their report package building in real-time. Another huge benefit is this product provides for the complete process of defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial, management and regulatory report packages. 

To read more about the application and how we implement our Oracle Narrative Reporting solution please follow the link below.

Account Reconciliation

Automated Account Reconciliation Solutions Address your Transaction Risk and Security Needs

Oracle’s Account Reconciliation (ARCS) application is a purpose-built solution available in the Oracle EPM Cloud designed to manage your global reconciliation process. It provides real-time visibility into the performance of reconciliations, ensuring that all reconciliations are prepared to an organisations’ standards.

GK understands that transaction risk and security issues are at the heart of decision making when implementing transaction matching solutions. 

The Oracle EPM Cloud Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) substantially reduces these risks by allowing your organisation to efficiently manage and improve global account reconciliation through automation. 

To read more about the ARCS application and the world class implementation solutions that GK supply, please follow the below link to read more.

Profitability & Cost Management

Understand Profitability with Oracle EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management

Insight to profitability and cost should be a fast, intuitive and automatic process, but too often this is not the case.

Oracle’s EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management (PCMCS), is a purpose-built allocation engine available in the Oracle EPM Cloud that provides business users with a solution to significantly automate and take ownership of allocation-based business processes. 

This is an application that can provide superior insight into such processes as customer/product profitability, management allocations, shared service costing, cost transparency initiatives, and legal entity allocations to support operational transfer pricing.

Read more to find out about how GK can implement Oracle Cloud Profitability and Cost Management in an efficient and user friendly manner.