how our philosophy ties in with our culture?

good enough is not good enough

what do we mean by good enough is not good enough?

a powerful statement?

The statement came from a workshop that focused on developing the GK EPM strategy and vision in early 2020 that we felt resonated correctly for the service we are offering. It implies our total focus is on outcome based benefits for our clients, where we will not accept just an ok or good implementation. We believe in iterating until a GREAT outcome is achieved.

In our culture we simply insist that a truly great outcome is necessary for our clients, and with this good enough is not good enough became the embodiment of our culture

a way to connected planning

Finance Utopia

” Have we seen Finance dystopia? Yes we have lived through disparate systems, overnight processing, daily outages even green screens. We want to make the journey with our customers to their Utopian vision of finance. “

the best EPM technology

Oracle EPM Cloud Suite

” Each component of the Oracle EPM Cloud Suite is world class. Putting all the capabilities together you get something terrific. “

up to date information

Enhanced agility for your CEO & Organisation

” Imagine giving your CEO, C-Suite and Management real time information through self service dashboards, enabling these team members to see information that is available to you in an easy to consume format. “

focused on IT systems that support Finance

Not just an IT system

” We love IT as much as we love Finance. We believe EPM should deliver world class security, control and integration as part of enabling Finance to achieve their goals.  “

our success depends on your outcomes

Your success is our success

” As a growth company we are 100% dependent on reference-able customers. No customer will be left behind on our watch! “